How it works

1. Buy a game and Receive a personal license

  • Choose and purchase your game online in complete security (128 bit SSL encrypted)
  • Immediately receive an activation key and personal download links via email
  • You can access this information at any time via your account page

2. Download your game at full speed

  • 30min to a few hours depending on your broadband connection
  • Of course, you can always burn a version of your game onto a CD or DVD
  • No shipping cost, no shipping delay and no more lost packets

3. Install your game on several computers

  • You can uninstall and reinstall your game on the same computer as many times as you want
  • You do not need to be online to play

4. Over all downloading game is :

  • A license system that is both modern and legal
  • The ease of playing your game without CD or DVD in your drive
  • The security of being able to re-download and re-install the game any time you want
  • Fast and free delivery