About Coladia

The Company

Coladia, a young publishing company founded in 2005, is a leader of adventure video games for Mac and iPhone.

Coladia has establised partnerships with prestigious developers and publishers, such as Kheops Studio, Nobilis Group and Microids to bring the best adventure games on the MacOS and the iOS platforms.
Coladia has already successfully brought the following titles on the Mac:

  • Cleopatra: a Queen's Destiny
  • Destination Treasure Island
  • Dracula 3 : The Path of the Dragon
  • Nostradamus : The Forbidden Manuscript
  • Return To Mysterious Island
  • Return To Mysterious Island 2 : Mina's Fate
  • Secret of the Lost Cavern
  • The Secrets of Da Vinci : The Forbidden Manuscript

General Information

Raison Sociale : Coladia, Société Anonyme à Responsabilité Limitée
SIRET : 489 845 628
RCS : Paris B 489 845 628
Capital : 5 000 Euros
CEO : Frédéric Aloé

Head Office Address :
32 boulevard de Strasbourg
75010 Paris